Brazilian Friday Live

Rodizio is one of the best examples of the festive Brazilian culture. The passion for food brings everyone together, during nights filled with dancing and music. In Barraca we cherish this Brazilian passion with Brazilian Friday Live.

Enjoy a festive Brazilian evening every last Friday of the month, with live entertainment in combination with the unique Barraca experience. Experience the amazing Brazilian cuisine at Barraca, with an unique method of serving. Our Passadores are constantly walking around with various kinds of grilled meat on large skewers. You choose whether they’ll stop and carve a great cut right at your table. Our extensive buffet holds all types of tasteful starters and side-dishes.

The next Brazilian Friday Live will be on Friday, 27th of September. Experience a special evening with live performances of Andrew Laureth and a dazzling samba show from the dancers of Ipanema Entertainment. Sing along, dance and especially enjoy! 

Contact us for more information and reservations via +31 23 556 00 51 of

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